Papa's Cooking Story : Chef Dash

Papa's Cooking Story : Chef Dash

Serve your hungry customers in Papa’s Cooking Story: Chef Dash
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Welcome to your cooking world! Papa’s Cooking Story: Chef Dash featured with time-management and addictive cooking RPG game play. 🎂
Join Papa👩🍳 in her cooking story adventure, to make her dream come true and help her to be best Master Chef of the world.
Roll up your sleeves for fast delivery because Papa needs your help. By providing speedy services and delicious food, please customers and make foodie paradise.

- Amazing Restaurants and kitchens with tasty food!
- Addictive Levels with free recipes cuisine
- Best free cooking game play!
- Serve your hungry and impatient customers!

Chinese restaurant was always the hardest one! Did you know that Pork Dumplings as snacks and Shrimp with Broccoli in Garlic Sauce for dinner is the main course in this country? Also, did you know that Fried Rice with soya sauce has the best complex carbohydrates? Japanese sushi shouldn't be forgotten! Tempura and Sashimi Sushi are great with a hot bowl of Ramen or Makizushi will make your day! Make sure your sushi rice is cooked with wasabi and soya sauce to perfectly season the food!

This Papa’s Cooking Story: Chef Dash is one of the best top chef games & restaurant games for girls with tons of levels to finish! You will get free recipes & you will have to complete 4 restaurants! Get ready to learn delicious American pie & dessert from an original free recipe! Learn to cook best donuts, cheesecake & brownies in town! If you want to make something tasty, you will create vanilla cream or chocolate cream & little fruit cakes! The fever of cooking will get you going in this pizza maker game & popcorn maker! Fried baked or grilled, the Pork Chops will be delicious! We will also cover the fresh seafood & sushi dishes as well & the real Italian dish!

The Papa’s Cooking Story: Chef Dash is the best; you will serve burgers, sausages, and hotdogs & learn to fry all of them! The best burger is created with ketchup, mayonnaise and a pinch of mustard! The fried chicken taste & crispy good chicken are in high demand, use the lemons provided to make a white sauce with garlic & sour cream & maybe milk. Your mama is cooking & helping you along the way & make vegetables with olive oil! In this challenge, you will need to grill beef ribs & pork chops with stew or chicken parmesan. This Papa’s Cooking Story: Chef Dash t will also teach you to Cook customers breakfast, lunch, dinner and more!

The bakery challenge will cover cookies, banana split dessert & banana smoothie. We didn't miss out the macaroons & donuts!The story behind the bakery is that Once upon a time, there was a noob baker whose dream became true one day, he cooked the most amazing cupcakes & everybody loved them!

Build your Italian restaurant & we'll teach you how to make pizza & spaghetti recipes! Pasta Bolognese, Carbonara & Arabia are our forte & tortellini is the best in the business! We have various types of pizza like pepperoni, pizza with champion Mushrooms & pineapple pizza & the hot chili peppers pizza.

Let's not forget the Mexican food & of course we love to cook Chicken Fajitas, slice meat and veggies to wrap them in the tortilla! We have a unique blend for Guacamole recipe to fit perfectly with the Chips, Mexican Burrito, and Nacho & Taco! The only secret is that you have to choose the best olive oil, tomato sauce & fresh avocado available on the market!

We're fans of the Indian cuisine, it's very complex & we adore the Chicken Curry at the base of Indian food! Be the first to learn to prepare tasty Samosa with some Tandori chicken. Naan bread or tortilla for dinner is a must in this cuisine!Chole Chickpea Curry or Palak Paneer spinach and cottage cheese are good for everybody & it's an easy & delicious lunch.

Play our free cooking games & download Kitchen Papa’s Cooking Story: Chef Dash today!