Grand City Craft

Grand City Craft

Grand City Craft - Creative and Survival in Grand City
4.3 / 5

  • 9.0.mcpe
  • Android 4.0+
  • Rated for 12+
  • 10000
  • 10,000+
Grand City Craft, Start crafting Today! Create your ultimate fictional world!

Grand City Craft is a sandbox based game, inspired by the famous crafting game.
You can enjoy exploration creativity lite, build your own mini world, adventure and survive in this awesome block world.
In the Grand City Craft game, you can create whatever you want with the new system of craft and build items from blocks, ores, and other resources!

Grand City Craft Features:
1. Creative Model (Unlimited resources)
2. Survival Model (Limited resources)
3. Fly on the grand city sky
4. Free!

Thanks for your download Grand City Craft!