Vertical Journey : Tap, Jump and Relax

Vertical Journey : Tap, Jump and Relax

An exciting vertical adventure and challenges. Tap, jump, and relaxing game.
4.9 / 5

  • 1.1
  • Android 4.4+
  • Everyone
  • 100+
Vertical Journey: Tap, Jump and Relax is a free, fun, classic, exciting, and challenging vertical adventure tapping game.

Tap! Tap! Tap!
Tap Jump and relax.
Play this amazing and exciting rise up and jumping game for FREE.

Play through 100 different and unique levels and discover plenty of exciting challenges. Tap, jump, and learn how to go through each obstacle and even those which seem impossible.
Free and relaxing tapping game invites you to indulge yourself in a Fun physics system of the bizarre and exciting world. Tap and jump to collect all targets and avoid touching all the obstacles and enemies with dynamic nature. Tap, jump, and relax. Try, die, and retry unless you collect all crystals and reach to the destination point in an exciting vertical journey.

Tap to dash as higher as you can in the sneezes and enjoy the Orbis of biophilia. Tap play in the relaxing game and move from the darklings and challenging obstacles and enemies. You can use powers like shield, brake, and blast to destroy and stop the movement of obstacles and enemies. Get exciting new skins with powers to play in an exciting vertical challenge.

Vertical Journey: Tap, Jump and Relax is an arcade tap and jump game fully designed for mobile gaming, play with one finger only, without virtual button, and with a lot of freedom in the controls. You are going to discover a vibrant world with adventurous and exciting gameplay. You are going to die and retry multiple times to reach to destination line passing through dynamic and varieties of game obstacles. You will be able to test your real abilities and reflex playing the game, Vertical Journey.

Don't waste your time - tap-tap, jump, collect, and dash!!

Vertical Journey: Tap, Jump and Relax - tap and relaxing Game Features:
- Fun and addictive tap and jump game
- Stack ball with crazy effects. 10 exciting and amazing skins with plenty of powers.
- Bright vibrant graphics. Space adventure look, clean and mesmerizing.
- Dozens of enemy types and patterns to avoid.
- Great time killer and relaxing tap and jump game.
- Melodious sounds effects. Unique style and breathtaking visual experience. Adventurous and exciting gameplay logic.

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Challenge your friends in the marvelous vertical journey with tap n dash in the jump and relax game. Our small step to entertain your stressful life. Your ratings and feedback will be appreciated.
Enjoy the calm and relaxing game Vertical Journey: Tap, Jump and Relax and have a lot of fun.