Fan Label - Daily Fantasy Music

Fan Label - Daily Fantasy Music

Discover, Listen, Predict, Win
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Think you can pick the next hit song? Build a fantasy record label with songs by big name artists and new acts. Prove you’ve got what it takes to be the next music mogul!

With FanLabel, you can enjoy great music as an industry insider and the owner of your own fantasy record label. Create your Label, join a contest, predict the next hits, earn virtual Royalty points and rise to the top of the leaderboards.

Once you set up your fantasy record label, you can play daily music contests. You’ll experience the hottest Pop Top 40 songs, country music, hip hop hits and even old school classics. You’ll also get access to curated breaking new music you’ve never heard before. In each contest, you pick the songs you think will perform the best. When they perform well, you score points that help you rise on the leaderboard. Depending upon your leaderboard position, you earn virtual Royalties. You also earn Royalties when you share and promote your songs to people outside the contest. It’s all about proving your song-picking skills and growing the most successful fantasy Label on the leaderboards.

-FanLabel is completely free to download and play
-Just open the app and sign up for an account
-Create your fantasy record Label and join any contest
-Each contest has its own set of songs and challenges for you to consider - you pick the best songs
-Earn virtual Royalties and try to rise on the leaderboards to show off your skills
-Check back daily for new contests and opportunities to win!

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