Speed Racer Drifting

Speed Racer Drifting

Luxury 🚗, realistic 3d screen, smooth controls are all in Speed Racer Drifting!
4.3 / 5

  • 2.1.0
  • Android 5.0+
  • Rated for 3+
  • 50000
  • 50,000+
🎌Speed Racer Drifting is #1 fast speed drifting game, which will bring you a new sense of driving pleasure!

With your excellent car driving skills, feel the thrill of speed racing!

Accept opponent's challenge and complete higher score achievement!

Game Features:
▲ Top luxury cars 🚗waiting for you to drive:
Eight of the world's top racing sports cars are for you to choose from. 9 colorful racing paints help you to design your own car. Nine tire styles, with different colorful racing colors, can be even more domineering;
In addition to the appearance of the car, earning gold coins through the game process can also enhance some of the performance of the car, including maximum speed, steering ability, braking system and so on.
▲ Realistic 3D game screen:
In your private garage, you can enjoy your car at any time with 360 degrees without any dead ends, perfect display of your car; 2 kinds of driving perspective switching, in addition to satisfying your various driving habits, can switch views. At the same time take you to appreciate different scenery;
▲ Simple game operation:
Tap the left and right buttons, or tilt the phone to control the car to change lanes; tap the throttle or the brake button to control the car to accelerate and decelerate at any time; pay attention to the road surface, sometimes the vehicle will suddenly change lanes, do not end collision; thrilling overtaking can get extra points and accelerate the effect; hijacking trucks can go into crazy mode and rampage;
▲ No network required:
All game levels support offline play, anytime, anywhere, enjoy the speed drifting as you like. Drive your car quickly to conquer the track!

🌌On the most dangerous and exciting road, enjoy the passion of speed with your car!

Challenge others and become the top racer!