The Best Classic Klondike Solitaire Game - Free NOW!
4.4 / 5

  • 2.0.1
  • Android 4.0.3+
  • Everyone
  • 1000
  • 1,000 - 5,000
Tired of all those all in one solitaire games free that occupy much of your device’s memory and drain your battery? Our solitaire game only provides the original solitare classic game, without all the other features that you never play; it sticks to the original version of solitaire free. We built our app thinking in all those fans of the classic solitare card games included in your old desktop computers to bring the complete experience back!

♠♦ No more boring! Play while traveling on the bus, before sleep, waiting in line and each time you want to chill and relax! Download NOW Solitaire Free♥♣

You miss the animations, fireworks and trumpet sounds of victory when you win? Don’t Worry! We made our solitare games following all the features that you used to love. Celebrate your victories and provide a huge number of options to customize your cards decks as you wish. Only the true solitare fans will manage to unlock the hidden cards palettes and themes!

Click the cards to make them go to the desired column, or slide it with your finger by dragging. If you can’t move any cards, probably the move is not allowed. Stuck? That's OK! Click the HINT button, and you’ll be ready to continue following our wonderful hint algorithm. Check all the stats of your game sessions like: moves, time spend on the game, time between each move, undo counter and points. Pick your favorite view! Play on different themes, they all look amazing!

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“All the fans of classic solitare games free of card games must try it! This is the most “stick to the original” version of the all times favorite time killer!”

Game Features:
♠ Winning Deals: make your game experience Challenging
♠ Daily Challenge: interesting game mode
♠ Draw 1 card (Easy) or Draw 3 cards (Hard)
♠Customizable card faces, card backs and backgrounds with beautiful themes
♠Auto-collect cards on completion
♠Left-handed supported
♠Convenience tap or drag cards
♠No network required
♠Sound that can be turned on/off
♠ More game features include Vegas mode, Tournament(Multi-player) to come!