Motocross Rider

Motocross Rider

Motocross rider is online motor racing game this year!
4.6 / 5

  • 2.1.0
  • Android 4.0.3+
  • Rated for 3+
  • 100000
  • 100,000+
Hi , motor rider bring your helmet, turn your throttle, and run like a wind! Race with other motocross riders!
Want to be a top motorcyclist, then challenge the motocross racing !
Conquer this motorcycling track with incredible speed in this online motor racing game ! 🏁

Game features:
※Variety of cool motorcycles:
15 of the top off-road motorcycles on the market, with well-designed cool shapes, giving you an unprecedented driving experience;
Each motorbike has its own special paint spray. Up to 10 colors can be selected, and the colors of each bike are different.
※Perfect motorcycle reinforcement system:
You can use game coins to upgrade your off-road motorcycles to enhance speed, control system, braking system, nitrogen acceleration and more. The upgraded gold coins will increase gradually, so if you want to get more gold coins, you will continue to participate in various competitions to earn rewards;
※Rich game modes:
3 game modes: training mode, one-way mode, two-way mode. There are 4 difficulty levels in the training mode. Each difficulty corresponds to a different bounty. After winning the opponent, the bounty can be obtained. The one-way mode and the two-way mode all belong to the endless mode, but the two-way mode has an oncoming vehicle. Will be bigger;
※Easy to use game play:
Choose your motorcycle, strengthen the motorcycle's properties, select the game mode to enter the game; tilt the screen left or right or click the button to control the motorcycle to move left and right, click the accelerator and brake button to control the motorcycle to accelerate or decelerate; after completing the thrilling overtaking, you can obtain certain nitrogen accelerate.

We combine all the excitement, fun and excitement that a motorcycle can provide in a motocross racer!

Come and join this incredible motocross online motor racing game , become a real motocross rider! It will definitely make you unwilling to put down your mobile phone! 🏁