Connections by Mobiloids

Connections by Mobiloids

Connect all dots of the same color and solve puzzles.
4.7 / 5

  • 1.8
  • Android 4.4+
  • Everyone
  • 10000
  • 10,000 - 50,000
Connect dots of the same color to create a flow and solve the puzzles.
So to complete puzzles you need to make connections between each pair of dots with the same color.
There are a dozen of puzzle packs with different difficulty level, so you can always find the right puzzle for you.

You can also walk through amazing snow village and complete the Winter Quest.

*Addictive Winter Holiday quest.
*Over 1000 fantastic puzzles
*Nice and attractive graphics
*Different level packs for everyone
*Absolutely amazing Premium packs
*Helpful Hint system

You can also play The Dots game with your kids, as there is a special Kids Pack in the game.
Just let them play and you will see how your kids love to connect dots and make flows.

There are also lovely season Quests.
In this quests you should complete special puzzles to get a special prize.

Just create a connections or a flow between dots and solve the puzzles.
All our puzzles are solvable and have a unique solution.
So let's go on and make connections and flows!

Make flows between all dots and solve puzzles.
Connect dots, make connections and flows, solve puzzles, complete quests and have a great adventure.
If you like to solve puzzles, you will love this The Dots game most of all other puzzle games!
Start playing The Dots puzzle game right now absolutely Free.