Dimension Dash -a Sonic runner

Dimension Dash -a Sonic runner

Run, Dash & Smash your way through dimensions in this 8-bit infinite runner.
4.3 / 5

  • Varies with device
  • Android Varies with device
  • Rated for 3+
  • 500000
  • 500,000+
Run, dash & smash your way through different 8-bit dimensions in Dimension Dash! Enjoy the fun with nostalgic Sonic-based characters as you travel through realms in this infinite runner game.
Encounter portals to take you to different dimensions, and stand a chance to face the Golden Pegasus boss in a challenging experience.

Improve your skills and collect coins to buy unique characters and gain access to more dimensions!

Compare your high scores with your friends and others around the world with Google Play Leaderboards!

Do you want to add your own features to Dimension Dash? Well now you can! Dimension Dash is now open-source, so go over to GitHub (https://github.com/andersonaddo/Dimension-Dash), learn how to use C# and Unity, and get working! We're excited to see what you can add to the game!