Linear Quest Hardcore

Linear Quest Hardcore

Hardcore version of Linear Quest mobile rpg game.
4.5 / 5

  • 1.002
  • Android 4.0+
  • Rated for 7+
  • 10000
  • 10,000 - 50,000
Linear Quest is an action RPG where you try to progress forward. Level up your character, gear up, learn new skills and fight tons of monsters!

Hardcore version features:
●2 Character slots, 1 for Hardcore mode and 1 for HC Ultra mode

●In Hardcore mode if your character dies it dies permanently and you must make a new character to play again, until then your progress is saved and you can continue playing

●In Hardcore Ultra mode your character's progress is not saved at all and you will lose the character when you quit the game or die

●After your character dies in either mode a score is calculated from your progress, level and equipment. If you are playing online when your character dies the score is also submitted to the online ranking list (use /hc and /hcu to see the current ranking)

●You can play & chat online with others but you can't buff & heal others and damage to monsters isn't sent to other players. You can't receive or give items.

●Gems won't be lost when dying and making a new character in Hardcore mode, everything else will be reset

●In HC Ultra mode warp statues won't allow warping to other maps

●Exp. Boost Book increases experience gained by 3x instead of 2x and new HC mount is available in the Gemshop

●Try to get the highest score!

● Adventure forward and fight many kinds of monsters and duel it out with even bigger boss monsters!

● Fight monsters to earn experience points and level up your character and learn new skills!

● Simple battle system where you attack monsters automatically when near them and can use skills through hotkeys!

●Do quests for more experience points and gold! Some quests even reward you with potions and equipment!

●Create and style your own character!

●Try out all weapon types and skills in different combinations and find your own play style!

● Unlock and learn new skills to aid you in battle, can you find them all?

● Play co-operatively online with others or duel them in PvP!

Permission usage:
are used for saving and loading the save files of the game.

is used to make the game screen stay on while the game is being played.

is used for co-op online play and for loading and watching the optional reward videos.

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