Idle RPG: Heroes Legend

Idle RPG: Heroes Legend

Sci-Fi & Magic Idle RPG Superheroes Strategy Game
4.4 / 5

  • 1.1.9
  • Android 4.1+
  • Everyone 10+
  • 10000
  • 10,000+
The unique Idle RPG on Google Play in 2019. Summon legendary superheroes, defeat the forces of darkness, battle for victory!

The last superheroes themed strategy game is here! Download this amazing IDLE RPG superheroes battle game to begin commanding your bunch of heroes today!

[Game Background Story]
The multiverse war broke out, and all the warriors fought to protect their own planet in order to prevent the Transcendent Protoss from carrying out experiments to destroy the universe. They may have been heroes, bad guys, flesh and blood, armored machines, mysterious Orientals, or the dead of hell.

All things are destroyed, and the world of battle comes. Today, warriors are waiting for the birth of the Savior. The fate of the world and the future of the universe, are waiting for you to create unlimited possibilities...

Are you ready to take over the world and start creating your own army to destroy this enemy and win the final war? Come on to join us in the Idle RPG: Heroes Legend!

[Features of this Sci-Fi & Magic Idle RPG Superheroes Strategy Game]
✓Automatic System
Free up your hands and enjoy the fun as the system takes the strain.
As progress continues in the background, put your trust in this idle game to receive rewards, train and evolve your superheroes and develop your army to fight on your behalf, even when you’re away from this RPG game!

✓Superheroes Battle
The legendary superheroes are ready for you to summon in the hero tavern. Enjoy the science and magic in this IDLE RPG Superheroes battle game.
The heroes are from six camps with different combat attributes. Heroes can equip themselves with equipment to enhance their fighting power. There are more than 100 pieces of equipment in the equipment lab.

✓Multi-line RPG development
Equip heroes with weapons from the equipment lab to success in the arena!
Receive awesome equipment, special access and generous packages to aid you to collect and create unique and invincible heroes with fearsome, unrivalled combat attributes and weapons. Plan your battle strategy, attack the evil bosses and win the battle against the Dr. Doom.

✓Immersive Gameplay
Endless PVE/PVP Sci-Fi & Magic idle combat.
Wisely select the composition of your army, evolve its skills and weapons that will secure victory and challenge the evil forces’ impending domination of the world with your attack! Compete with players everywhere to determine who will lead the world after this war!

✓League Gameplay
Join a league of fellow players or start your own and invite friends around the world.
Defeat the league Boss with your allies. Fight in League Wars as a team against other players across the globe and win the glory.

✓Free Bonus
Register and log-in to receive colossal bonuses!
Download and log-in to Heroes Legend today to take part in thrilling events and missions to begin calling your superheroes to the ranks of your awesome, the evil forces opposing army of mutants as well as receiving legendary equipment to help you in your idle Sci-Fi & Magic campaign quest.

Select and evolve your best fighters from your card deck, plan your battle strategy and strike with your superheroes in the arena of this IDLE RPG. Take part in the ultimate duel against the evil forces and master the battle-world! Are you ready to fight? Play now!

Download this IDLE RPG strategy game for free now.

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