Highschool Romance - Love Story Games

Highschool Romance - Love Story Games

Discover secrets, new friends and make love choices in highschool story games!
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  • Android 4.1+
  • Rated for 12+
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Choose your own adventure in 💓 Highschool Romance - Love Story Games 💓! You are the main female character in this otome game, and it's your first day at highschool! Being a teenager isn't easy, and surviving high school is a challenge! But you have the opportunity to take a new role in life! With high school love story games you get the chance to start from scratch. Pick a new name, and take the main role in our interactive love story. Spend hours playing teen love story games with choices! Expect surprising plot lines – you get to change your story! Get ready for the first day of school and get a virtual makeover with new outfits. Enter a virtual world of high school dating where you control all story fragments of relationship stories!


💕 Amazing graphics HD, interesting characters and super engaging tap-based gameplay.
📚 Play as yourself: name your character!
💕 Customize your avatar: have fun with fashion and hairstyles in a dressup game!
📚 Decide on your future boyfriend - don't be indecisive!
💕 Choose what you say and do, and choose wisely!
📚 Choose your own path: what love and friendship stories will you tell?
💕 Pplay and wait for the sequel!
📚 The best free romantic story games offline!
💕 Only in 💓 Highschool Romance - Love Story Games 💓!
📚 LANGUAGES: Français, Türkçe, Español, Português, Русский,Deutsch, Italiano,Srpski

🎒 💌 Make the choices that matter and change the course of events!

Download 💓 Highschool Romance - Love Story Games 💓 and get ready for the greatest love adventure ever! Our high school romance games for girls have exciting storylines. Meet new friends, and fall in love with a handsome guy! Play this visual novel game to see who is going to be your boyfriend. Live a real romance in high school! In our visual stories you get to make life choices and embark on the most thrilling romantic journey. Find love, and choose your storyepisode. Play highschool romance free games and make decisions. High school love games are full of unexpected plot twists and turns. See how it all plays out in teen games for girls. Create your own love story and download free love story games for teenage girls with gripping teenage love stories!

🎒 💌 Teenage love story games free for girls and boys let you relive your high school life once again!

In our interactive games, you get to play with life. You are the main character in visual stories and you can go on a date with your high school crush. Will you end up forever together? Find out in new romance games! Make your own love life choices and get your happily ever after in interactive story games for girls! Call the boy you like, and tell him you're in love with him. Text your crush in high school story games! Get hooked on drama and suspense with virtual love story games. Simulation games with dramatic and thrilling plot lines will leave you breathless!

🎒 💌 Play a high school romance free game!

Your life turns into a real romcom with this high school romance simulator! You make choices: what do we do for love? And what for friendships? Secrets, intrigues, lies, truths... It's all a part of a high school love romance. When a love triangle becomes a square, what should you do? Just wait, it takes time to solve your dilemma. Untangle the love tangle in a virtual worldplay of the most addicting game ever! An epic journey in a love simulation drama game! My first kiss in high school romance story is better than other free otome games English! If you enjoy to play girl games online, you will like fun new games for teenagers!


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