US Army Training Commando Survival Combat Mission

US Army Training Commando Survival Combat Mission

Join the army training academy, be a militants commando warrior in mission game
4.0 / 5

  • 1.0.5
  • Android 4.1+
  • Rated for 3+
  • 10000
  • 10,000+
Do you find army training and army camps intriguing? Yes? Army training combat camps is the most struggling yet the best survival combat training for the commando warrior. It provides challenging touch enough obstacle careful combat training tools and equipment polishing you in training making you a real army commando.

Each training mission hosts many hard and challenging training hurdles and obstacles which can polish you for the operation force, preparing you for the army war in the free army training camp simulator for difficult circumstances.

Being the army officer you have to be touch enough and capable of survival combat in any US army war situation surviving crises like a war hero. It is mandatory for the training commando warrior to pass all training mission tests before qualifying for the operation force.
This military training mission simulator game doesn’t only provide combat commando training with climbing walls, roll over and pushups, it prepares your commando warrior stamina nurtures you to combat survive and to surpass every obstacle careful.
The army commando training academy offers three characters of army militants to choose from according to your preference and train as the best army commando warrior in training. The combat commando war hero simulator has ten levels, which increase the difficulty of its obstacles with every level with tunnel walks, climbing wall, running exercise, maze and hurdle run.

The military training commando uses various army commando screen controls as the use of joystick for controlling combat survive war hero movements with more action buttons on the screen. The touch buttons include jump button, crouch button and action control to help crossing obstacles careful in training.

There is one more important factor, while running and struggling through the hurdles in training mission game make sure your army officer doesn’t step or touch any formidable bases. If that happens, the army training mission game will be over that right instant. So keep your commando warrior in the path line of the training camp and train as touch enough army war hero!

The US army training mission game keeps you updated with your health meter while you jump from high walls and long ropes, be extra CAREFULL when jumping fire commando training rings they are most risky! Each commando warrior mission has to be completed in the given required time else you will lose and have to go through the rigorous army training again!

How to play US Army Training Commando Survival Combat Mission?
Download the army training mission game
Begin play game
Choose your favorite army officer
Select the army training level
Use army training screen controls to proceed with the mission
Use the joystick to control movements through the training pathway
Crouch through bleak tunnels
Jump over big walls
Climb through net walls and high ropes
Defend against moving boulders in your way
DON’T step on the formidable bases or the level will end
Keep track of time
Consider your heath meter intermittently
Finish the level
Unlock the following levels following above instructions
Features of US Army Training Commando Survival Combat Mission
Challenging army training military commando camp simulator
Offers 3 tough enough army officer characters to choose from
Onscreen joystick control to control army officer movements
Running out time based training game
Available Health check meter
10 levels with increasing difficulty levels
Realistic HD graphics