Elite Army Training Free V2

Elite Army Training Free V2

Join the free training of army 2018 in a military battleground.
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  • Android 4.4+
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One of the best Free Army Training of Military Officer
Join the US army training school that will you lead you to clear the physical and mental training course. In this realistic military game, you will test your fighting, shooting and commando survival skills. So let’s take a step from ordinary to extraordinary in elite commando army base camp. It’s not easy to become a fantastic gunfighter and elite hero without the US army training. Through this combat military training, you can build your stamina to face the survival fighting and destiny shooting battle. Clear the night mission of training course in ranger school. Being an elite commando don’t let the anticipation of this combat military course and stay on your target.

You have to be at the ranger school’s battleground for US army training and make your mind up to be one of the best elite commando. It isn’t the only free army training but also develops combat fighting and shooting skills by doing a different workout. Through over the army school basecamp training, you will learn how to reach the destiny and survive in a warfare situation. It’s all about to train you as an elite gunfighter commando in ranger school realistic military game.

Just become a military officer and face the obstacles and do the survival workouts to improve your movement skills. Actually, this training course is only for those who are interested in warfare workouts and combat exercises.

Training Scenario of Army Course
Hey Soldier! Are you ready for the free army training in a battleground of survival? This military game based on different training workouts. Each level contains stumbling blocks that you have to complete by applying elite hero strategies. In training of army, you have to complete each level within a limited time period. Don’t waste your time just complete the training course and improve your movement skill. Here you will face unique training phases like gun shooting, net climbing, rolling, pushups, balance walk, swimming and long jump. Good luck Soldier!

• Realistic army training school environment.
• Different obstacle and hurdle.
• Best army training like swimming, gun shooting, net climbing, long jumping & pushups.
• User-friendly Controls
• High-quality 3D graphics.