Bag Shop

Bag Shop

2.9 / 5

  • 2.4
  • Android 1.5+
  • 50,000+
  • 50,000 - 100,000
Have you ever wanted to collect luxurious handbags without spend a single penny?

Wonder how to get them??
Satisfy your inner desires & make them reality by playing this great game.

This is not just for killing the time, not a mere game, but a challenging & exciting game that you have to experience it!
The ultimate top puzzle game, simple but addictive……and it is FREE!
Try out your focus, pace and patience to get the highest points you can achieve by swiping the 3 same bags on the display.

How to Play?
1.Just swipe the 3 same bags on the display (vertical & diagonal). For diagonal, you must swipe it in a correct position, otherwise it won't be work. You can swipe it from up right to down left or up left to down right.
2.Swipe the Sale Board & 2 same bags.
3.Do not swipe the “broken bag” as it will reduce the points.

1.Easy to play, it is fun for all age players.
2.Having 2 special options: Arcade & Time (play for 3 mins).
3.Having 24 kinds of luxurious bags.
4.Having 20 different & challenging levels in Arcade.
5.Sale Board, Broken Bags & other interesting props are available.
6.Interesting music, sound, images & surprises.