Love Dance

Love Dance

The BEST 3D Social and Dancing Game on your Mobile TODAY! PLAY NOW!
4.0 / 5


★ The Lounge ★
Chat and chill with 10 Love Dancers into a one enormous room!

★ Dance Crew Level 9 ★
- 2 additional levels means 2 new epic items at the Crew Shop!

★ Event Item Preview ★
- You may now try out the item rewards at the events tab~

★ Weekly Wealth Ranking ★
- Top 100 players in the ranking will receive diamond and gold rewards

★ New Dance Battle Room ★

★ New Main Lobby Background ★


Love Dance Mobile - Find your ONE TRUE LOVE on the next generation 3D Mobile Dancing Game in the Country! Love Dance is a mobile dancing and social game where you can express yourself and meet new friends! The game carries a real time communication platform which allow users to reach their friends, upload photos and send private voice chats.

Love Dance pushes the limits of the mobile platform by offering the best 3D graphics possible on a mobile device.

♥ Meet Your Soulmate ♥
Why seek your soulmate outside your country wherein you'll see million of love dancers within your vicinity?

♥ Endless Fashion Combinations ♥
Tons of fashion apparels to choose from! You can even craft your own apparel inside the game!

♥ Unlimited Songs to Dance From! ♥
International pop? KPOP? CPOP? Hiphop? Rock? We got you all covered!

♥ New Songs and Fashion Apparels Updated Weekly! ♥
So start your LOVE DANCE journey TODAY and get ready for the once in a lifetime joyride with your special someone!

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