Mahjong Blitz - Land of Knights & Dragons

Mahjong Blitz - Land of Knights & Dragons

Play mahjong blitz & go on an epic journey through the land of knights & dragons
4.7 / 5

Dive into your very own fairytale! Journey through an epic world full of magic, stories, quests and mystery as you play over 80 levels of mahjong blitz – with more added each week!

Find rare treasures and artifacts hidden throughout each world, unlock stunning HD artwork on your adventure and meet lots of interesting characters, from kings and knights to princesses and even dragons!

★ Fun, Relaxing & Casual Mahjong

Our mahjong blitz games are suitable for players of all ages! With fun, relaxing gameplay, we’ve designed every puzzle to be solvable. No need to worry about making the wrong move and creating an unsolvable puzzle – just enjoy the game.

So sit back, relax and match tiles at your own pace in this epic mahjong solitaire game. Remember, if you ever need a hand – hints are only a tap away!

★ Collect & Craft Valuable Treasure

As you journey through the land and solve puzzles with knights and dragons, you’ll have the chance to collect crafting tiles. Discover and collect all the pieces of the same tile to craft a piece of rare, exquisite treasure which you can sell for hundreds – no, thousands – of gold coins!

For each mahjong solitaire puzzle you solve, you can open between 1 and 3 treasure chests, giving you the chance to earn even more treasure to take back to the king – or keep for yourself!

⦁ Classic mahjong solitaire rules with a knights & dragons twist
⦁ Easy to understand gameplay suitable for all ages
⦁ Helpful hints are always available when you need them
⦁ Match tiles on an epic journey with over 80 levels and growing
⦁ More maps, features & levels added every month!
⦁ Normal and expert modes for the skilled mahjong solitaire player
⦁ Bonus levels with various ways to play
⦁ Collect Land of Knights & Dragons artwork, save & use as a HD background
⦁ Complete dark dungeon levels in each map to earn HUGE rewards
⦁ Free daily rewards & coins for active players
⦁ Each level uses its own uniquely themed tile sets
⦁ Replay each level as many times as you like to earn more coins
⦁ Earn coins to unlock more exciting mahjong boards
⦁ Play offline – no wifi needed!


Land 1 – Fairies & Dragons
Begin your adventure by meeting the fairies who care for these ancient beasts

Land 2 – Medieval Times
Explore what it’s like to live in a medieval fairytale world. See the bustling markets and the homes of the townsfolk.

Land 3 – Medieval Mysteries
You hear rumors of a great and powerful dragon king living in the realm, but nobody has seen him in thousands of years. You are told that one person may hold the answer…

Land 4 – Magic Kingdom
The powerful wizard who may know where to find this ancient dragon lives on the other side of the magic kingdom. Be on the lookout in this world, as nothing is as it seems.

More Lands Coming Soon…
We’re constantly adding exciting new maps each month, so keep checking back for more mahjong fun!