The Master Of Plunder(M.O.P)

The Master Of Plunder(M.O.P)

The ultimate 3D RPG with great action!Special EXP/Gold Buff Event!
4.2 / 5

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▶ Chaotic world where plunder rules
- Raid and plunder global players to gain trophy and victory
- Never lower your guard! The enemies might get back to you using Revenge system

▶ Go on a Patrol and Discover Treasures
- Get special items obtainable only through Patrols
- Lay back and receive items when Patrols are completed automatically!

▶ Action RPG that anybody can enjoy
- Auto growth system will make your heroes stronger by themselves
- "The Master of Plunder" is the best RPG with high-quality actions!

▶ In unity, there is strenth
- Join a Guild and they will be protect your back in this cruel world
- Play and enjoy various game modes such as real time PVP / World Boss / Guild Plunder

▶ Play World Boss Raid with other players
- Cooperate with others to fight against the most evil World Boss!
- Raid the enemy of the world and the trophy and honor is yours!

Access permission for game use
It is used for using internet access in game.

It is used for download game resource data and patch.

- It is used for Google interworking and guest login.
- It is used for vibate in game.