Super Sonic 2 & the shadow adventure

Super Sonic 2 & the shadow adventure

Super sonic 2 is here for this christmas and new shadow adventures await you !
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If you love super sonic games like the dash sonic then you are in the right place, start playing this super smash game and take a super sonic shadow jump adventure in mania world, the world of a style like temple runner games you will love it so much because it is
super sonic magical bros.

this super sonic game is a super smash running jumping and flying adventure that takes you to another classic boom level of challenges.
Don't hesitate and DOWNLOAD super sonic game jump and run adventure now and be the first to break all the super sonic highest scores.

The super sonic games are the best games ever and this super smash run and jump with temple running lookalike game is gonna give you the best
experience and fun all with your friends, where you can challenge them to get a better score than yours.

Amazing run and jump adventure awaits you in this super sonic mania world where you have to dodge all the obstacles from demolished
temple to the bad penguins and ofcourse the eggman who is trying to kick our hero super sonic and also is keeping sonic amy in a cage and you have to save her once you see her on your little hedgehog path.
You like magical effects and saving your hedgehog heroes then help super sonic jump and run and fly to help his best friend of sonic amy, and get together with all the rest of the team like knuckles and sonic shadow.

This super sonic shadow and adventures coming along with it are so fun and you will love to take this crazy boom adventure where you can have all the super sonic and smash bros fun in the world, because it's same kind of subway super sonic surf and all other super boom games that kids love to play.
Download this super sonic run boom adventure and jump and get the fever of your speed limits because once you start you cannot
stop this shadow from him running and saving his friends knuckles and the beautiful amy.
Classic games and free super sonic jump and run adventure is a super way to have fun with friends and family, all you need to do is to
download it now and start you next run and jump adventure bros.
All the kids boys and girls love classic games like super sonic shadow or sonic jumping and running but this game is another type of games it's fast
and so fun to play and especially easy to handle, dr eggman and the bad penguins and other temple obstacles will get in your way
but you will choose to dodge them left and right or to jump over them and easily win extra points.
The highest your score is the better you get in this super sonic game inside this mania world , and you want to get as many sonic rings
as possible and from time to time seize the opportunity and drink the power bottle to be and remain in shape all the way down to saving
amy from the cage and gather with knuckles at the end of your boom adventure.

Super Sonic games : the boom adventure of run and jump 3D features :
*Amazing sonic gameplay, smooth and simple for all kids from all ages
*Wonderful hd 3D graphics that remind you of the super sonic childhood life
*Super smash fun sound effects en music to keep you entertained during the sonic game
*Super heros from sonic dashh childhood restored with amy and the super knuckles all taking part of this fun game
*Easy to play sonic game with clear manipulations
*Super easy run and jump fever game to have super fun bros
*Fun garanteed and Sonic Jump and Run will give you a great time with all your friends
This super sonic game is made by and for arcade and classic games fans such as the hedgehog , even though the style of the game is different but it's really fun , and in near future it's gonna become an even better Sonic Smash Bros Boom adventures with
much more types of enemies and way more action moves like sliding sonic and top speed ...

Save sonic's beloved Amy and get back to your friends in the magical mania world.