Glow Ludo - Free Classic Game

Glow Ludo - Free Classic Game

Enjoy all time free classic multiplayer Ludo board game, just roll the dice.
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  • Android 2.3+
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Glow Ludo is Free Classic Board Game you can play it between friends, family & kids. Classic Ludo Game is popular throughout the ages, now recall your childhood and play it in a classic plus modern format that we design especially for you! Download Ludo for free and enjoy playing it with friends online. Glow Ludo is brain, puzzle, strategy board game and mostly played in Asia. It is also called as Parchisi, Parcheesi, and Laadhuu.

Glow Ludo board game can be played between 2 to 4 players (your family or friends) and you have the option to play with the artificial intelligence in case you are travelling alone. Surely, it was played by kings in history but do you want to be called "the Ludo king", of Ludo Dice game by playing it with legendary/winning strategy? Ludo glow presents you with a lot of features explore them and become the famous Ludo star in your community. The game comprises a board having four corners with each color different from one another i.e. blue, red, green and yellow.

You select a color as your player and you have four tokens.
You also have option to choose the no of tokens to play with.
You wander your tokens all over the board and get back home safely.
Your opponents would try to stop you or kill your tokens, be careful.
Enjoy the game with modern design of wooden board, beat the score of your friends and brag.

Ludo Features:

You can play with your favorite rules :
• Modern designed game board.
• Option to select between two types of dice boards.
• Choice for Player selection
• 6 will start the token.
• Get another turn on both dice number 1 and 6..
• Star icon represents safety for tokens
• Choose the number of coins to be played with 2, 3 and 4.
• 6 gives way out .
• Extra turn on killing a coin.
• Extra turn on reaching home.
• Knockout rival's token to enter home.

Download Glow Ludo Free Classic Game one of the most popular dice simulator game is now for free.

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