Cake on Face Antistress

Cake on Face Antistress

Cake on face antistress: whipped cream, pie in face, pull the lever & throw pies
3.4 / 5

Cake on Face Antistress: pull the lever of funny wheel & throw pies with whipped cream! Pie & cake prank imitators: how many times can you win? Fun toy prank with levers, tell friends – check & pull it! Antistress: imitating of throwing the pies is the safest anti stress toy.

Resolve disputes safer with ice cream cakes & pie game: throw pies & ice cream instead of your dispute! Disputes resolution is safe, when you play Russian roulette pie’s imitation – game of luck. Imitated roulette simulator: imitate pie & face game!

Your friend believes to be the luckiest? Clever kid, try absolutely safe & fun roulette: wheel throws pies to face of lucky loser! Antistress cake match: test stress, win the roulette, drink shot of tequila & make silly faces!!

Cake on Face Antistress app features:
• Antistress app with whipped cream
• Funny wheel: pull the lever & throw pies
• Imitates cakes games & joke about food
• Free cake games: face with thrown whipped cream