Portal finger simulator

Portal finger simulator

Portal finger simulator - teleportation prank, pretend you're scientist! Dizzy!
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Portal finger simulator – fingers teleportation prank simulator. Pretend you’re scientist, tell friends you invented teleport for finger. Do you like science and science fiction movies? Feel like a scientist who invented teleporter and transparent portal!
Trick friends with a realistic simulation of a real portal. Lean your finger to portals on the screen transparency simulator – imagine you can teleport your finger through transparent screen like a scientist! Law of physic – true or not? Can transparent teleport be real? Can I hypnotize friends and make them believe in screens transparency? Just try! Imagine being a hero of science fiction movies with a real teleporter.

Pretend you’re a crazy scientist who invented teleportation through transparent phone’s screen. Try teleport your finger – cool finger exercise! Teleportation like in fiction films – totally dizzy games. This realistic simulator breaks earth gravity and law of physic. Science technology is far enough from a real teleportation, but you can try playing this teleport imitation. No optical illusions – just imagination and a lot of fun. Pretend you can break phone’s screen with your thumb – a tea bag will appear in a teleporter. A tea bag?! Really dizzy, told ya!

Fun gravity games - feel bolder, try to teleport your fingers quick! Enjoy digital portal imitation - touch a teleporter and see what will happen. Every scienist dreams about inventing a transparent teleporter. We give you a chance to try a transparency imitation. Is this a dizzy trick or optical illusions? It's just a prank! So trick friends and tell that teleporter is invented and they can teleport through transparent screens.

App is absolutely safe. No bloody scenes, screamers or anything. You can't hypnotize anyone using screens transparency prank. Safe application, suitable for kids. It’s fun, just try this exercise! Trick friends with an absolutely sarcastic science and technology imitation. Tell them you can teleport their thumbs through transparent portals. Let them enjoy transparency imitation, surprise them with dizzy tea bag! Surreal mind blown simulator - this joke will never be outdated.

Note: this is not a real finger portal or transparent screen. Scientists want to invent it, but it's real impossible to teleport through walls or through screen. You can become a scientist and invent a real portal and teleportation! Perhaps you'll be the one who will finally break the earth gravity and law of physic by inventing a real teleporter. Great science technology! Yet - enjoy portal finger prank and screen transparency imitation. Trick friends - just try to hypnotize them with optical illusions! Touch gadget screen with your thumb, be sarcastic and trick friends!

Application features:
- Real portal for finger simulator
- Fun science games
- Dizzy games
- Joke about science
- Transparency screen simulator
- Scientist jokes
- Mind blown portal simulator
- For fiction films fans
- Earth gravity breaking imitation
- Fingers exercise simulator