Block Breaker 3D: Break the block puzzle!

Block Breaker 3D: Break the block puzzle!

New addictive ball vs block game is here! let's solve this new block puzzle game
4.0 / 5

  • 1.3
  • Android 4.1
  • 100000
  • 100,000 - 500,000
From the dark dimension, the blocks come to conquer Earth.
Don't let them touch the pad! Destroy them all!

Are you ready to break the blocks and solve this block puzzle? if yes! Then join the block breaker 3D. This block casual games is best for those who love to break walls, bricks and the numbers. As you know that HyperFun games are very much into the hyper casual games. Download this game FREE and enjoy the driving of the manual and the special skill. In Block breaker 3D, you are required by your destruction crew defending earth against the blocky monster. Just follow their needs and be ready for this challenging task. Once you try our game, you will be hooked within no time. It is fun to break, loop & upgrade at the heavy item. Hint:
My mom says, UPGRADE your guns and balls.
My dad says, use the ITEMS
The job assigned to you break it harder and better than the ball drop speed. The larger and more intricate your level gets, the more needs your power have and it is up to you to keep it strong. You can experience driving and drag and drop the pad, buying mini gun, level up and hidden skills. These all vehicles are in the big road situation to finish your city island games.

The story of this game revolves around defending games. Where a shooter crew is in effort to break a rain of block for the planet rescue. The world is in distress and needs your help. You have to build a new strategy. So become the best breaker by building good strategies. You have been a great part of the ball shooting troop. The assigned duty is to use all those balls and bullets and give a sense of accomplishment to yourself. The first mission of this brick breaker game is to clear the space. These all levels are time bound. You must have an eye on your watch while playing.
A proper space is given to you for the planet sky as you are a real defender. Then you have to fill the hole with balls with the help of many premium items. Take the help of upgrade and flatten the marked surface of your area. The take the charge of the psych gun and load the wall parts in parts with the help of money power. Then drive and drag and drop this pad to higher level areas. Control and drag and drop the manual pad and fill the clone with the plus skill to make get stronger. Now you can test the emergency of this situation at your job when the planet meets an accident and your appearance is completed you can rescue them in this casual breaking games. As long as you complete all the mission given in the break simulator games successfully. Then you will get the title of the best of block breaker games. Let me assure you that this is a combination of fun and relaxing games and the smart strategy skill.

Block Breaker 3D Features:
★challenging missions to master break skills
★Controls are easy and comfortable.
★Fun scifi environment
★Real experience of upgrading and purchasing heavy weapon
★Smooth controls for immersive game-play
★Amazing 3D Graphics
★Many hours of free fun.

What you are waiting for? Everything will show you a perfect mega gamer.
Download breaker simulator and enjoy the FREE thrill of crusher blocks. Easy game operation will enable you to calmly face the challenges and complete levels of off block shapes. It is interesting and more colorful.

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May the best breaker win
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