Baby Unicorns Running Game 2020: Running adventure

Baby Unicorns Running Game 2020: Running adventure

Jumping, running game, unicorn horse racing. Running unicorn games for girls
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Unicorn running game 2020, pony rainbow racing, which will give you a great mood and will capture the attention of parents and children for a long time. According to legend, the main characters were put under a spell, and now they can not return their real colors. Only You can help the pony become as rainbow and beautiful as before. Rather, go on an exciting journey to the fairy-tale world!

Pony racing allows us to find out how strong real friendship and unity are. In the game you can run, jump, pass different locations and get real pleasure from the process. Go through the stages and get super abilities of kind and friendly ponies that can return the world to colorful colors. Are you ready to help our ponies? Then download the game right now for free!

What are the features of the game:

● The game pony endless race has a unique world with its own locations and maps that you need to pass and discover new abilities of the characters;

● Pony miracle race has its own atmosphere, which is so popular with children and incredibly addictive, allowing you to spend time usefully;

● Pony racing contains three characters with their own skills and features, in the future we will add new characters, so you will not be bored.

● During the game, You will understand why friendship is a miracle for ponies, it makes the characters strong, and helps them pass the stages with great pleasure;

● In the game pony always has something to do, open new maps and stages to quickly return to the world of real colors and remove the spell.

Who are the pony races created for:

You can download the app to your phone or tablet. Pony unicorns are interesting for children of any age, and as practice shows, adults are also not averse to playing this exciting race. The fairy-tale world that we created for the game pony simulator gives you extraordinary emotions and impressions. Recommended age for the game wonder pony and rainbow racing:

- Pony racing for children 3 years old;

- Pony racing for children 5 years old;

- Pony races for children 7 years old;

- Pony racing for teenage children.

Install the app for free and help the pony find its true strength. Our game develops children's logic, helps them learn the value and power of true friendship, and is just the perfect way to have fun. The current game progress is saved automatically, so you can always continue the adventure at the place where you left off the last time.

How to play pony rainbow racing:

The application uses pony animation, which perfectly conveys the atmosphere of a fairy-tale action. Children of different ages do not have difficulties with the development of the game process, everything is intuitive, which guarantees success in passing.

✔ To start the game simply download and launch the app;

✔ Pony exciting races allow you to choose and open different locations;

✔ Each cute pony has its own unique challenges and abilities;

✔ In the game you can run, jump, slide and fly while racing;

✔ During the passage of levels, the characters will open up new abilities.

The pony racing game for kids is available for free download, and you can also make purchases at will, to get superpowers and privileges, in order to pass faster.

Miracle pony and rainbow racing is a safe, kind and atmospheric game that will be a real discovery for children. An interesting story and beautiful characters will become real friends and give you a great mood. Rather download our game and enjoy the colorful world with your favorite pony characters!