Bouldering Dyno - Climbing Action Game

Bouldering Dyno - Climbing Action Game

Climb through colorful courses to the goal!Get hooked on the #1 climbing game!
4.7 / 5

  • 1.13
  • Android 4.4+
  • Everyone
  • 10,000+
Part of the rapidly growing "sports action" game genre, Bouldering Dyno recreates this popular sport with simple, one-handed controls. Jump and grasp from block to block until reaching the goal. Simply pull and release, and you’ll be bouldering from one block to another!


-Simple, One-Handed Controls
Just pull and release to climb from one block to another. Controls are intuitive and can be learned instantly! While grasping a block, move your finger to adjust jump range and direction.

-Master the special skills!
Tap during a jump to perform special skills like hovering, double jump and more!
Only a few unique characters have special skill. Unlock them and master special skills!

The perfect casual game for spending free time!

-Find out and collect hidden coin!
There are a hidden coin in various stage!
If you collect 3 coins, you can achieve loot case to get a character for free!
Try to find them all!

-Challenge the new rescue feature!
Rescue all young animals before you reach the goal and achieve the FANTASTIC bonus!

You can play with wide view, use this useful feature to find coins.

If the next block is just out of reach, tap and hold during a jump to extend your hands. The perfect casual game for spending free time!

-Packed with Stages
The game’s many stages feature a variety of obstacles, including moving blocks and walls to bounce off of. Are you up to the challenge of completing every stage?

-Strategize to Reach the Goal
While there are many possible ways to reach each goal, an Excellent 3☆ rating is only earned when completing a stage with a low number of jumps.

-Use ☆s to Purchase Skins
The ☆s earned from completing stages can be used to purchase new skins. Complete more stages to purchase the skins of your choice.

*Recommended OS Version
Android 6.0 or Later

-Performance is not guaranteed for non-supported devices/OS versions.
-Certain usage conditions may cause performance to be unstable even when using a recommended device.

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