Super sonic Climber

Super sonic Climber

Super sonic Climber is amazing arcade adventure game
4.2 / 5

  • 4
  • Android 3.0+
  • Everyone
  • 100000
  • 100,000 - 500,000
Super sonic Climber is amazing arcade adventure game that you will be addicted to it
what you should to do is touch the screen in right time to Accelerate and Skip the mountains and get the maximun score,
there are many adventure world that contains a lot of surprises for the players Super sonic Climber is a free game download it now !

Incarnates super sonic jump and unleashes lightning speed in different zones.
super sonic jump subway is an adventure game that describes the pursuit ofsonic Climber in a world,
while the real sonic climbing in adventure world full of speed and run,doctor egman prepare traps inside the jungle hedgehog world to stop it you should help sonic to dodgle all traps and unlock new world.

Super sonic Climber JUSTICE CHARACTERS
Incarnates for the first time Tails and Knuckles, friends of Speed Sonic. Uses their unique abilities to fly, climb and hover around levels that offer a new type of thrilling exploration.

This retouched version for mobile of the classic features the entire game super sonic climber world as well as these EXCLUSIVE features:

endless runner with beautiful graphics.
One on One Multiplayer Race Off-road
controls keys.